Cosumnes River Journal 2017 Celebration

On Thursday, May 4, the English department proudly celebrated the release of the eleventh edition of the. Cosumnes River Journal, an annual print magazine of literature and art.

The Cosumnes River Journal publishes poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and mini-essays plus a full slate of art and photography.

Please consider sharing your work with us. Submissions may be made via Submittable.


Some of the featured writers and visual artists. 
Christina Luu, the artist responsible for this year’s cover art
Briel Brown, Terry Ahearn, Heather Hutcheson, Kerstin Feindert, John Maaga, and Jannah Khalil, editors of the 2017 edition. (Not pictured: Erica Reeves, Rose Spisak, and Christina Washington.)
Our audience.


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